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There are many tribes in the jungles of the Amazon basin, and each tribe has its own, local recipe for curare, an important arrowtip poison for hunters. Curare paralyses the prey so it cannot run away wounded, and does not taint the meat. The recipes are not simple, with enough steps that would challenge a modern laboratory, and using local plants wich vary from one area to the next. When asked how they got the recipe, the tribes all say, they asked the shaman who asked the spirits and the spirits gave the solution. Of course, if the shaman was not already familiar with all the local plant life, the information might not be understood.

That is the same for me, modern shaman in the western world: problem plus experience leads to inspiration, and I return from my spirit walk quest with these gifts of resolution to share with the tribe. Sometimes the quest is external, being led to answers but more often it is internal, getting very quiet and focused to query my guide, my inner self.

Quest-ion: What is really going on in people with post traumatic stress?
Shaman’s observation of myself and others, seeing the change that comes over someone whose trauma has been triggered: it looks and feels, exactly like a possession state.

What, or whom has taken them over?
A protective aspect of themselves, born from the deep unconscious survival instincts has taken over their mind, body and emotions and it believes it is fighting for their life.

How or why is this splinter identity born?
It is created to be the scapegoat, it holds the emotions of the trauma, separating it from the core identity so the core can continue to function.

(Oh! That is quite genius, actually. )

Then comes the ‘download.” It is sometimes difficult to translate the holistic insights I get, the gnosis of information coming in all at once in different forms. The insights take time to unfold and share with the tribe, so there is a book.

For people troubled by old traumas, there is a devastating feeling of being ‘broken.’ What if nothing is broken? What if your mind coped with the trauma exactly as it was designed to, but the process got stuck along the way because the last key was lost in the sands of time? The key is the resolution, or completion that would bring you back to peace.

There is a human tendency to assume something is bad, or useless if we do not understand the true purpose of it. For decades, doctors routinely removed children’s tonsils, considered a useless organ prone to infection. Now we know that tonsils are an important part of our immune system and removal is rare. This effect shows up even more with environmental issues. The more we explore the interdependence of ecosystems the more we see that every part of it is necessary to keep the whole in balance.

Your PTSD is a result of your mind and body acting as it needed to, to maintain balance, and keep you functioning. You are not broken, your mind has engaged some important base survival mechanisms and the problem is you do not understand the purpose. Imagine if the trauma memories and feelings were with you all the time instead of coming up when triggered? You would be unable to function at all. When you understand the purpose, the resolution becomes possible.

My book is still a work in progress. The resolution is so elegantly simple I taught it to some of my students, in about a half hour. My students are familiar with my teaching style. Some of them still working with it, field testing with me. They get curious and discovered the resolution process works for many different sorts of issues, not just trauma.

I am a perfectionist, especially with something that needs such care, compassion and gentleness as writing a book to help others. To make the process more accessible to everyone, and refine it I need to work with more people. Collect more case studies that I can publish, anonymized so people can see themselves reflected in others working through the process of getting free of the traumas that haunt you.

The word is resolution. Not heal or cure.

In the western world of legalese, I need to add a disclaimer. I have no Phd. I have ADD and a wild talent for understanding the inner workings of consciousness. Legally I cannot claim to heal or cure anyone, and I don’t have to. What I feel about it does not matter, ultimately what matters most is the experience of those who have used the process to resolve the trauma that haunted them.